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FlowBen spans Many Eras!

50's 60's

From Motown to the British Invasion.

Supremes, Elvis, Beatles and more!

70's 80's

From Disco to Hair Metal

Beegees, Michael Jackson, and more!


From Grunge to Pop

Pearl Jam, 2Pac, and more.

New Millenium

From Hip Hop to Rock

Kanye, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and more!

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Who is FlowBen?

Flashy Substance was founded in April 2010 by Joe Flowers. "FlowBen" is a caricature of his father, Ben Flowers. In 2013, Joe started working on trivia apps. Ben is a leading expert in the field of 50's and 60's music trivia. One day at dinner Joe and his parents discussed the possibility of a music trivia app, which paved the way for the app you see today.

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